What is CommerceWorx?

CommerceWorx is a fully hosted and managed solution for data, monetization, optimization and management. It provides fully integrated data channels, script posting & reporting

Who uses CommerceWorx?

CommerceWorx is the ideal fit for professional data managers who want to consolidate management processes, maximize profits and optimize efficiency.

Why use CommerceWorx?

CommerceWorx provides the user with optimum control of user data integrity, compliance, segmentation and distribution.

Features and Benefits

The CommerceWorx platform includes tremendous benefits that every data manager can appreciate. Some of the notable features are as follows:

Consolidated Reporting

Consolidate the reporting process and data management into a fully integrated solution. Partners can view not only real time reports, but also manage & monitor reporting trends based on performance indexes.

Geo-IP Verification

Verify & organize incoming data records using geographic IP location with address append.

Integrated Opt-Out Suppression

Maintains well managed files, removing all opt-outs and suppress files globally or by individual file selection. Easy ftp or API updates, with download tracking

Data Hygiene

The CommerceWorx platform integrates with multiple data hygiene systems in order to optimize data integrity, disinfect corrupted records or traps to ensure that data is relevant, valid and ready to be managed. If you prefer to use other data cleansing tools, they can also be seamlessly integrated with the platform.

Subscriber Monitoring & Seeding

Monitor individual subscibers or place seeds for monitoring and compliance, with the tracking of data activity and usage.

Managed Data Posting Systems

New data records are added real-time through API posts, batch file collection, FTP uploads or directly into the system with field mapping and data prioritization. Customize CommerceWorx data systems to easily post data to marketing partners using record limiters, filtering or simulated feeds.

Real Time Data Posting

Post records real time to partners, track data delivered and confirmed validity. This allows you to keep the data optimized, in order to maximize return and activity.

List Management

CommerceWorx provide a single platform that operates as the solution for all of your list management needs.

Social Verification

Verify and confirm live social accounts and user connection through various networks.
Powerful system! Works great for me, CommerceWorx has allowed me to operate more effectively and save time and resources. I can now focus on growing my company and let CommerceWorx take care of the backend.
Effective data management tool, for easy snap shot view for partners. Professional solution which allows for simple, detailed and intuitive data management.
A Must Have Solution. Any Data Manager who is currently operating without a solution for consolidating the data management process needs to consider the CommerceWorx.

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